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  Low cost line rentals from Work-Phones
Save money against BT and almost every other UK carrier.

Work-Phones lines are installed and maintained by BT Engineering.

Single Line Install   £106.00
Single Line Rental   £11.99 per month
ISDN2 Install  £239.00
ISDN2 Rental  £22.90 per month (for 2 channels)

There is no charge to transfer lines from your existing supplier to Work-Phones.

We can save you money on standard business analogue lines, ISDN2 and ISDN30.  Savings are normally at least £1 per month per line or ISDN channel.  There is no minimum term.  Existing lines can be transferred and new lines ordered and installed.

All services such as call diversion, pulse metering for hotels, call messenger services and call waiting are available.  In the event of a fault on a line, it is BT Engineering who come out and repair the line.

If you want to report a fault on a Work-Phones line, click here.

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