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Least cost routing is the technology which allows your business to save money on telephone calls. Least cost routing ensures your business telephone calls are routed via the carrier of your choice. Least cost routing avoids your business being forced to buy your phone calls from only BT - least cost routing gives you choice.

So what exactly is least cost routing as it is commonly referred to? Least cost routing saves you money by making many companies (often called 'carriers' as they carry telephone calls) compete for the right to 'carry' your business telephone calls. Least cost routing is the method Work-Phones uses to choose which carrier will 'carry' your business calls. Work-Phones only uses what is called 'Tier One' carriers. These are the largest, highest quality telecoms companies. These carriers have to compete with each other to win business. Least cost routing is the method whereby Work-Phones can choose which of these carriers get the business!

BT is still the most expensive calls and line rentals supplier in the UK for small and medium businesses. Least cost routing allows Work-Phones t route calls via an alternative carrier.

Least cost routing will normally give savings against BT of between 15% and 60% depending on the 'mix' of calls. If your business is already using analternative carrier then by using least cost routing Work-Phones will undertake to save at least a further 10% (and often more) without the 'catches' of long contracts, minimum spends, call connection fees and other tricks used by some other telecoms companies.Least cost routing is not simple, and Work-Phones will handle all the issues in getting low cost calls for your business. There are four ways of applying least cost routing.

Least cost routing with manual access means you need to manually enter a 3 or 4 digit code before every call made - usually used when companies want staff to have the right to make occasional calls from home on the office account. Work-Phones offers this type of least cost routing.

Least cost routing with programmed access is for companies with switchboards that can be programmed to put the code in front of each dialled call automatically. Many businesses us this type of least cost routing. Work-Phones offers this type of least cost routing.

Least cost routing using a dialler is when special equipment is supplied to put the 3 or 4 digit prefix in front of every call. This is often used in Hull area when customers are on Kingston Communications. Work-Phones offers this type of least cost routing.

Least cost routing using CPS or Carrier Pre-Select is where the call is routed to the chosen carrier at the local exchange. Work-Phones offers this type of least cost routing. This is ther most common type of least cost routing.

BT, or British Telecom used to be publicly owned. That is, the infrastructure was paid for by British taxpayers and any profits were paid back into the coffers of the treasury. When BT was then made private, one of the reasons for the sale was to open the field to competition to push standards up and charge less. Least cost routing was the system devised to ensure competitor companies could take cals from BT and route them over their own infrastructure.

Work-Phones use 4 different Tier One carriers for least cost routing. Least cost routing ensures your business will save the maximm amount f money and als get the best quality and most reliable calls service possible.

If you have any doubts about using least cost routing with Work-Phones, then you can be put in touch with an existing customer as a reference. Least cost routing with Work-Phones means you no longer have to speak to a call centre. Work-Phones will handle all the least cost routing issues on your behalf. You will be informed of the dates your calls will move to the new carrier using least cost routing.

Work-Phones supplies businesses only, so least cost routing from Work-Phones is specifically tailored to businesses. Advice is free, and support on all telephony issues is available during working hours - on least cost routing or any other telephony topic.

Unlike many of our competitors, Work-Phones does not tie your business down to a minimum term contract for least cost routing. If you find another supplier who you would prefer to use, then you will be able to change or return to BT at any time using least cost routing.Many companies offer least cost routing, but Work-Phones is different because there is no minimum term contract, call prices are very competitive indeed and there is a whole range of telephony services available from one supplier.

Using least cost routing ensures you keep your BT line and number (either through BT Retail or through BT Wholesale Access), but get cheaper calls.

BT have lots of discount packages and special offers, but for businesses making the majority of calls during the working day Work-Phones can always beat these offerings using least cost routing. It is shocking just how many BT clients do not actually partake in these discounts. Some BT customers pay as much as 6.8p/minute for a day time national call compared to just 1.6p/minute from Work-Phones using least cost routing.

Least cost routing gives very accurate call data to ensure Work-Phones will give much clearer invoices than BT.

No matter which type of least cost routing is used for your business, you will save money and maintain call and service quality. There will be no interruption of service. Least cost routing is so simple you will benefit from the savings without noticing a change in the calls you make.

If you have any queries about least cost routing do not hesitate to call 0845-006-0800 and ask any of the Work-Phones staff for more information.

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