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  0870 numbers from Work-Phones
Use 0871 numbers to generate a larger revenue stream from inbound calls.   Caller pays 10p per minute (or more depending on the supplier) for the call.  Business receiving the call is paid around 2p to 3p per minute, depending on time of day and provided the call is received on a land-line.  To receive the call on a mobile it is more effective to point the 0871 number at a land-line and then divert the land-line to a mobile.

  Your existing 0871 number can usually be transferred to the Work-Phones package, or a new 0871 number can be issued.
  Work-Phones supply a new 0871 number free of charge (zero connection charge) and there is no monthly or quarterly rental.

Receive a share of revenue on all inbound calls provided some other telephony services generating a minimum monthly charge of £20 are via Work-Phones.

  No minimum term.  No minimum inbound calls volume, but numbers receiving under 15 minutes in any quarter may be recovered by networks.
  All special routing options are available, including:

- Route call depending on originating number
- Route call depending on time of day
- Route call to range of numbers in a sequence

Specialist routing options may be chargeable.

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